Sooyeon Hong


December 05 2019 – April 13 2020

Fine Art Gallery Kirkland WA

NYB Gallery is a Kirkland Art Gallery that provides private fine art advisory services for collectors, accommodating various budgets and tastes. Come check out our great collection! NYB’s curator has international architecture/interior design experience, combined with contemporary fine art collection & sales over the past 10 years. These backgrounds are applied for a personal and custom approach to each client project. We’ll help you round out your fine art collection at our fine art gallery Kirkland WA.

Kirkland Art Gallery

NYB Gallery presents artwork by both established and young emerging artists of great potential, who increasingly are recognized quickly in this digital age. 'Come tour our Kirkland art gallery and see the amazing work from established artists that many love. Also see the work from the up and coming artists that we work with. You can learn about them before they’re a big deal!

Art Gallery Kirkland WA

We find that a great piece of art in the right space (after considering all detailed elements of each client project) helps contribute to a gentle yet sophisticated high-end quality of living, either in private homes or public workspaces. The artwork you display defines the character of the space and helps to set the whole atmosphere of that environment. When you visit our art gallery Kirkland WA we’ll present and explain to you which pieces work where and why. You’ll leave with some expertise and hopefully a great piece of art!

Kirkland Art Galleries

All Kirkland art galleries offer artwork, but the artwork can range from basic to sophisticated. We offer fine art. Great artwork can affect us in each moment and on an ongoing basis and connect with the inner experience and emotions of each individual in different ways. The work may uplift, or console, or provoke, or comfort. It may embrace or enhance qualities we may already be aware of within us or bring out completely new thoughts or emotions hidden inside ourselves. It may automatically create a deep connection within that very moment, as meditation between oneself and the artwork. And there the relationship with the artwork begins.

Fine Art Gallery Kirkland WA

In this fast moving and constantly changing digital age we strive to recommend & provide artwork that, as a result of the focused creative human energy of the artist – poured into individual pieces, helps stabilize and nurture our state of mind. This is what to look for in fine art. And we channel that energy into our lives. Our mission at our fine art gallery Kirkland WA is to help you discover the pieces that inspire you, the pieces that make you feel comfortable, and the pieces that bring out your inner creativity.

Best Kirkland Art Gallery

NYB Gallery Private Fine Art Advisory seeks to discretely understand the needs of each client and private or public space project. At our Kirkland art gallery we recommend thoughtful and affecting artwork through a variety of mediums. We first get to know you, understand your needs and personality, and then set you up with artwork that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Set up an appointment or drop by our gallery and take the tour!