Hibernation Celebration

December 09 2021 – March 04 2022

Works Exhibited
A time to recharge, be creative, and travel into a fantasy world to enrich the coming year. NYB Gallery offers such travel by showing artworks from Balaji Ponna, Indra Doti, Sameer Tawde, and Dongi Lee.
Featuring these top pop artists who reside across the world helps characterize and take us through our deeper consciousness. The happiness that resides within our warm, fun-loving childhood memories helps us navigate the complexities we face in our current life. Balaji Ponna's highly detailed canvases and smaller works on paper may seem undemanding at first. However, the artist employs clever images and snippets of text to subtly address sociopolitical issues, including those of class and corruption, which are prevalent across all levels of Indian society. Balaji currently lives and works in Baroda India.
Indra Dodi looks at things from a view different from the conventional. His paintings are a different way of speaking about reality or telling things from his own perspective, such as the environment, villages, society, stones, mountains, rivers, rain, clouds, partying, love, being drunk, women, children, land, language, alphabets, etc. The narrative structure is open to interpretation, and there is still much left to the imagination of the viewer. Indra works and lives in Central Java Indonesia.
We hope you join our illusionary journey through our Hibernation Celebration here at NYB Gallery.