June 25 2020 – September 15 2020

Works Exhibited
In the beginning, that is in the middle of nowhere, I was hidden. Dreams, fantasies, a multitude of bits of visions, various little illusions and desires are accumulated into a symbolic relationship with the world external. The time is frozen in time. The song repeats the lyrics. Variations one by one penetrate the surface of alien substance upon oneself. The reminiscence carries its original emotions to be free. Memories from within suppressed by the systemic power are dissipated by immediate material, almost abstract gaze and newly built associations, beautifully.
-*Min Kim* Author, Documentary Filmmaker – NYU New York

Known for series such as Miracle Robots and Daydreaming Sameer Tawde is a visual artist and photographer currently based in Mumbai, India. In 2013 and 2014, he was invited at the FUKUOKA ASIAN ART MUSEUM, Japan and MUSEUM QUAI BRANLY, PARIS FRANCE . In 2012, he was nominated for the Paul Huf Award. His works largely involve humor and play with a fictional approach and are often interlaced with a documentary and an imaginary eye. In the course of her research on the Cold War, Potnis came across an ideological contest that became well-known as “The Kitchen Debate”, between the Vice President of the USA at the time, Nixon, and Soviet Minister President Khrushchev. In the context of the American National Exhibition in Moscow 1959, debate about the advantages and disadvantages of communism and capitalism in front of live cameras in the kitchen of an American model house. Her work explores the connections between intimate and public worlds, and the topographies that influence global politics and economics. Prajakta Potnis based in Mumbai  India, working in photography, painting, sculpture and installations. Her work has been widely exhibited and collected by museums globally.