Pinkboard Project

Curated by Nayoung Buchan

January 15 2021 – March 21 2021

Works Exhibited
The Pink Board project is a performance art piece, which evolves throughout the entire exhibition as each participant contributes to it. The aim of the Pink Board project is to connect with the community, and for the community to connect with & within itself - through art. The group synergy of the PINK Board can be a catalyst for hope and positive bright energy, resulting in one finished community art piece from this special period we are living in. NYB Gallery wants to be a small vehicle to bring out our individual oppressed emotions & anxieties during this COVID phase of our lives, displayed in the collective on a physical surface - the Pink Board. Each hidden artistic talent, personality & creative character will be performed out on the Pink Board. The whole process of each performance will be recorded as it progresses, becoming one complete piece. By the end of the exhibition, the Pink Board will contain each participant’s original and authentic painting and will stand as a completed piece of community art - by each of us and all of us together. We hope by then we are in a much brighter time than when we started the Pink Board. Our genuine original & authentic community performance art piece, the Pink Board project, will be delivered to all of our participants via a video clip – as a small fun memory of how we have made it through this time - holding ourselves together. The Pink Board project will begin Jan 15th and run through March 21st. It is open to everyone in our community who wants to participate, and visitors who swing by this beautiful part of the country. COVID protocols will of course been in effect throughout. NYB Gallery is looking forward to seeing you all at our Pink Board project.