November 06 2021 – December 04 2021

Works Exhibited

Various Artists

The creativity and untouched imagination that our community's youth exhibited during NYB's Special Edition I, The Pinkboard Project, was breathtaking. Because of this, we have decided to involve those young talents in NYB's Special Edition II, Remembrance.
Our reason for this show is to assist the development of these skills by providing a platform for the youth of our community to express themselves through a visual medium.
We want participants to be able to look back and reflect upon their experiences and accomplishments with a smile. Remembrance is curated to celebrate the creations of these young artists so that they can look forward to the work they'll do in the future. To better remember the experience, a short documentary will be created to capture the excitement and the wonderful work of those presenting work at this show.
The visual arts serve as a borderless passion, meant to be shared, seen, and interpreted by all. No matter our background, there is value in where we come from, therefore we are donating half of the proceeds to a selected charity in support of young education.