Remembrance II

November 20 2022 – November 20 2022

Works Exhibited
NYB Gallery's annual children's show assists the development of new skills by providing a platform for the youth of our community to express themselves through a visual medium.

The Remembrance is curated to celebrate the creations of young artists so that they can look forward to the work they'll do in the future.

The Remembrance II, 2022 collaborates with the young artists mentored by Stella Cha from KidZworkshop2 in Bellevue.

Grace Kang, Mihir Lutchman, Rishi Mukherjee, Zoe Gregush, Eli Newman, Valentina Sheer, Weijia Wu, Kaitlyn Pan, Allyson Zhao, Evan Zhang, Ranveer Sadana, Yoyo Ding, Yueshui Wu, Rachael Kim, Yuner Jung, Sophia Li, Jenny Shen, Aria Scheer, Jay Singh, Zihan Zhao, Alyssa Pan, Marine Pantel, Marilyn Li, Chloe Kim, Atharva Goes, lan Kang, Aiden Kim, Ellie Jung, Ellie Kim, Alicia Chen, Alexandra Chen, Ailsie Leigh, Yashvi Dudani, Anna Deng, Sadie Newman, Rayna Newman, Beatrix Pressman, Charlotte Wee, Aria Lloyd, Fox Danger Duntz