Deane McGahan


Sun K.Kwak

"Through the manipulation of raw elements, I explore the complexities of visual perception using everyday building materials. I aim to push the boundaries of form, unveiling experiences that transcend everyday perception. In a fusion of abstraction and reality, my creative process delves into the dynamic interplay between the tangible and intangible, unveiling both raw and developed forces that shape the human psyche. Ultimately, my work serves as a reflection on the intricate tapestry of the human condition, inviting viewers to journey through multifaceted realms of perception and existence."

Deane McGahan (b.1973, San Jose, CA) is an American sculptor residing in the Seattle metropolitan area. After two decades of work as a 3D spatial designer in video games and virtual and augmented reality applications, she embarked on a journey into physical, tactile mediums, marking a significant departure from her digital landscape. Eager to feel the satisfaction of working with her hands and to escape the ease of digital undo commands, McGahan entered a world where the essence of creation is seized in the moment. Drawing on her digital spatial awareness, she transformed her approach by integrating her background into the physical realm, shifting her focus to the shaping of tangible materials. Rather than abandoning the old for the new, she has expanded her practice by embracing a new medium, leading to a fresh matrix of shape, space, and feeling.

Deane McGahan, a contemporary American sculptor based in the Seattle metropolitan area, draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the lived experiences of its people.

Associate of Applied Arts (3D and graphic design) Art Institute, Seattle WA
Solo Exhibitions
2024 Personal Traffic, Madsen Gallery, Los Altos, CA, September - November
2023 Pushing Color, Public Installation for Auburn Arts Commission Gallery, Auburn, WA

Group Exhibitions and Participations
2023 Inaugural, Fathom Gallery, Fathom Architecture, Seattle, WA
2021 Series 001, Series 001 Gallery, Seattle, WA
2021 NYB Viewing Room Part 1, NYB Gallery, Kirkland, WA
2020 CHRYSALISTASIS On-line, Lyons Weir Gallery, New York, NY
2020 TEN, Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2020 From the Pages 2, Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia, PA