Pappu Bardhan


Sun K.Kwak

“Nature and the need for Conservation began to creatively affect me. For the past ten years now, I have been only painting nature, and its relation with human beings, on paper with water colors. I love to paintings on Nature Reconstructed, deals with nature’s importance in human life, and how it is being gradually destroyed, willfully or unwittingly. ‘I have tried to show how things that are natural are slowly disappearing from city life. ‘In my latest body of work, I have worked with the concept of shelter and nature being destroyed and sacrificed at the altar of urban development. I elaborate on how the concrete jungle around us is eating up the space for nature and the wild. ‘The sheer variety and number of flora and fauna we noticed in our city during our childhood has steadily come down with the increasing inroads of urban construction, ’how the city’s pockets of greenery are easily being overrun by a rapid proliferation of high-rise buildings. I began focusing on nature as a theme for my paintings only in the past five years. ‘I feel as one ages, one tends to cling on to memories, and nature has been an integral part of my growing up years. Now, when I see that most of the greenery has vanished from my locality. I feel sad and scared at the same time,’ there’s a symbiotic relationship between nature and living beings. I have also painted fruits, birds, lotus leaves and ponds to show the role nature plays in our lives’. Several paintings also depict the role of population explosion in destroying nature.”