Prakash Sonawane


A dream is a canvas that throws open a wide world to be captured.
It can be painted by anybody. But an artist’s vision is a trajectory apart. And particularly that of a portrait painter like Prakash Sonawane. The young and talented man shows a distinct influence of his metropolitan lifestyle. Having lived in a buzzing metro like Mumbai for over two decades, his canvases depict the strength of his views about life and of course, about dreams. Metropolitan life has a typical culture that makes everybody dream. But dreams and reality depict a huge gap. This very reality surfaces upfront in his work. His works are the visual representation of race-makers and pace-makers and dream-weavers – running the race of life and thriving.
Accomplished in his expressions, owing to his talent in portraiture, the artist draws out several nuances of the characters he portrays, pitting them against backdrops that silently speak volumes. Deliberately staying away from photo realism, Sonawane’s paintings are characterized by very soft tones and very transparent layers of oil on canvas. The entire surface has a beautiful texture of vertical lines. While using mixed media, he sometimes uses contrast only to differentiate the front and rear images.
Prakash earned his M.F.A with distinction from the Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Since graduating he has shared his time between lecturing at Sir J.J. School of Art and creating works displayed at Jehangin Art Gallery, The Strand Art Room, Gallery Leela and much more in Mumbai. He also received many awards such as the state art exhibition from the government of Maharashtra, The Art Society of India and the Bombay Art Society to name a few.

Prakash works and lives in Mumbai, India.