Seung Ah Cha


Sun K.Kwak

The intriguing oil paintings are inspired by the cyclical nature of life, to bloom and die and bloom again. The exhibition takes us on a journey from early to late Spring, closely following the petal after it reaches the height of its glory and falls to the ground. "Unpretentious beauty with many stories to tell," Cha quoted. The petals blanket the ground and soon decay to nourish the soil. Through this journey, they are consumed and reborn in other realms.

The patterns approach abstraction and reflect fallen flower petals on a forest floor. Sometimes these patterns become a background for recognizable forms like butterflies, whose metamorphosis is in parallel with the petals, shedding a form and emerging anew to a beautiful, if fleeting, life.

The show is a hymn to the different phases of life, a deep dive into difficult times, and inevitable redemption: a celebration of life.

Cha has illustrated for various successful children's books with Froebel International Company and Bir Publishing [The Snow, The Yellow Rabbit, The Moon, The Carrots, The White Rabbits, Bouncy Ball, The Banana Tree.] She has illustrated two TV commercials for Froebel International Publishing company. She has worked as a designer and art director at Time Warners , AT&T, Samsung Corporation, K2 Design, Mamamedia, Court TV.

As an educator, she has taught art at Eton Academy, Cedar Crest Academy, Bellevue Montessori and International Montessori in Bellevue and founded Kidzworkshop2 in Bellevue.

She earned a BFA from Art Center College of Design in CA and an MPS from New York University,Tisch School of the Arts. She received two Golden Beacon awards in education and community design. She was a finalist for New York Interactive Festival in best design.
Cha currently lives and works in Seattle Area, WA.