Invisible Hand

Pappu Bardhan, Sooyeon Hong

September 15 2022 – November 20 2022

Works Exhibited
"Drawing is an exercise for a restless imagination" - Tim Burton

Hong and Bardhan's work enacts as though they are merging unconscious thoughts and meaning of dreams. Between their subtle shapes and mystic color palettes, each image draws you into an experimented effect. Their indistinguishable forms convey tranquility, the intention of allowing the unconscious mind to take over.

"[Sooyeon Hong's work] might emphasize more on the performative aspect of the work rather than raising questions on its outcome...This process in which the tusche is left to flow by tilting paper is applied in the same manner as in her painting. However, this procedure in drawing takes place much faster than in painting, so the process of the flow is fixed on the surface in a much more momentary and fleeting way...The artist uses drawing as a measure of relaxation for tension and compulsion in the production of her paintings, in order to emancipate her controlling work process."

Meanwhile, Pappu Bardhan's work urges us to look outward to the more tangible outcomes.
"I have tried to show how things that are natural are slowly disappearing from city life. In my latest body of work, I have worked with the concept of shelter and nature being destroyed and sacrificed at the altar of urban development...the concrete jungle around us is eating up the space for nature and the wild."

The two artists, coming from distant perspectives, invite the viewer to a physical and emotional common ground through their body of work. The space is intentionally created for viewers to take on their own meanings and connections behind both the works and the world around them.

Hong and Bardhan work and live in Seoul, South Korea and Mumbai, India.

It is a pleasure to present both artists' unique drawings at NYB Gallery.
The Invisible Hand will be shown from September 15th to November 20th, 2022.