Nandini Valli Muthiah & Prajakta Potnis

August 03 2021 – October 23 2021

Works Exhibited
The Power of creativity – conceived by the millions of memories that exist within the time before and afterlife itself. These memories award humankind so that we may indulge ourselves into the glamorous encounter within fine arts. A photograph can contain such encounters, bestowing a path for its own creation of memories within each of us.

"Through the relationship of perception and visual context, NYB gallery explores what is meant to be seen and what is meant to be assumed through photographs with our latest exhibit, The Ingeniousness. Defining this as the ability and power to invent, it encapsulates a picture and its contents perfectly. Two Indian artists, Prajakta Potnis and Nandini Valli Muthiah, explore such relationships through their ability to provoke complexities within past and present, the private and public, what we perceive and what we miss."

- Jonah Kathlean, Documentary filmmaker

Nandini vali Muthiah's work tries to answer the enigmatic question, “who am I?” Colour is very central to Nandini’s work. Her photographs seek to reinvent the way we as people perceive and stereotype our beliefs as well as ourselves. Prajakta Potnis’s work is concerned with reciprocal relationships between the hidden and the visible, the private and the public, and inner and outer worlds. Walls both inside and out and skin as the delimitation of her own body, are metaphorical concepts that she understands as models of thought and makes into the object of artistic handling.

Both artists are actively being showcased in international museums and foundations around the world. Prajakta and Nandini presently reside and work within India.

The Ingeniousness will be open for viewing from August 3rd – October 23rd at NYB Gallery in Kirkland, WA.